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Hello everybody & welcome back to my blog!

It has been quite some time for me to blog daily, but now I can finally say that I have some free time. I had my last exam yesterday and now I can spend another month relaxing. Today I am in my bed, not in my regular environment - desk with a big coffee mug and chocolate cookies and a great view. I decided to go big or go home today. That is why I decided to speak honestly about this, which is kinda hard, because when I usually speak from the heart, I get judged for my own opinion on my own blog, and I feel that this is a problem. This blog is mine, my own and I build this whole thing by myself, I don't owe anything to anyone, and therefore I would like to say that is incredibly rude from some people to try to put me down and just tell me what is not a good subject, because that is my decision to decide what I want to talk about. If you are too young to read what I have to say, don't read it, if you are not mature enough to accept different opinions, then leave here. This is my special place and everyone is invited. I gladly accept any mail and opinion, but do not have the guts to tell me I shouldn't speak about things I want to speak about. If you want, you can make your own blog and put as much effort in it and then write your own opinion and discuss your own subjects. 

Now lets go back to the business, because I have a lot of things to share them with you. 

↣ I have become a red head. Long story short, I picked the wrong color for my hair and now I am trying to work it. At first I was so disappointed with it, because I wanted strawberry blonde color, and it turned out completely different from my expectations, but then I just rolled with it. I mean I am not really happy with it, but I don't mind anymore.

↣ As you read before, yesterday I had my last exam and I must admit that I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I studied a lot and I think I will be okay. I think that I will finally be accepted to college. Fingers crossed.

↣ I have a huge obsession on Harley Quinn. You might not know who that is, let me explain it to you real quick and then I might write a post only about Harley Quinn. She is a DC's character and she is basically known as Joker's girlfriend. She worked at Arkham and Joker was her patient, but he manipulated her and she helped him escape and they had a love/hate relationship. Very violent, but very interesting. Like I said, I just might write a post about that.

↣ I have some problems with my relationship as well, and I just wanted to state that out, so you will know why I am kinky a bit and why I don't want to write about relationship.

↣ This blog will host another blogger in a short period of time hopefully and I am really excited. You know how I feel about collabs, I am just so excited. I am more than happy to promote some people that are good at writing and deserve a little more recognition and besides I love meeting new people, so hopefully you will like it.

↣ Expect a post about my experience with donating some of my stuff.

↣ If you would like to collab or just meet me in person, go for a coffee and chat, you can, because I decided that this month I am up to meet a lot of you and make the best of it.

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