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Let's start a new mini series when I discuss a subject from Cosmopolitan magazine, shall we?

I have a huge collection of Cosmo magazines, I have been buying it for 3 or even 4 years. I used to collect magazines called Joy, but then they stopped making them, so I decided to buy Cosmo, because I love reading magazines. I love to read about fashion and celebrities and mostly about traveling and to be honest I get very inspired for its articles about blogging and being successful. 

For this month's edition, I picked an article called LIFE IS NOT A RACE.

The reason I have chosen this particular article is because I think the problem is quite common among people nowadays. Girls are jealous of other girls, friends are competing about success and I just simply think that it can't bring as much good than, it can and probably will, bad.

❝You don't need others to tell you, you are okay!

Let's first start with this quotation. I think that it is great to have friends and boyfriend and family, who tell you that you look good or that you're doing great, but you can definitely live a better life if you don't need their signature about that. Being a strong and independent woman means that you know what success feels like and try to accomplish as many great things in life as you can. And stalking a more successful friend is not one of those. Being jealous destroyed one too many friendships.  If you are the best version of yourself, then you should know that being happy for others is a really great ability that not many people are capable of.

Hopefully you are decided that you will use your envy as a motivation to become a better you and stop comparing yourself to others and it is time to acknowledge one important thing: whatever you do in life is for you. Don't do things to fit in or to be admired, do things to admire yourself. Don't fit the crowd, but find your own path of being happy in your skin. But to accomplish that state of mind is important to focus and just move out of your comfort zone, think about your wishes, not that others wish for you and just spit in your hands and begin. Please don't literally spit in your hands, that would be disgusting. The point is, the better you are, the better you will feel and the less you will feel the need to compare yourself to others.

Maybe stalking people online will make you depressed (I know I had a lot of problems because I stalked actresses, which I am not ashamed of anymore and it became a great lesson), but you can make the best out of it and truly accept that envy as a friendly reminder to try a little better in life. Be happy if others are doing great, have great romance, incredibly hot looking boyfriends, money, travels and if they do things you always wished for, but never did. If you use that envy in that sort of way it is great, but don't let it suck the life out of you, trust me, you don't want to end up with a full stash of chips, spending all of your time watching TV and self-pitty. When you feel that you aren't doing so great, use it as a red light and just make yourself do it, is as simple as that and it can change your life for the best possible.

In Cosmopolitan magazine there is a list of things to NOT think of and follow, because they are 100% wrong, because life is what YOU make it:

There are rare people in the world who are lucky, everyone else has to work their ass off.
Life is hard - we get a few amazing moments out of it, but bad things are not spared to anyone.
Ideal partner does not exist, amazing love usually ends up as tragedy, you have to really adapt to other person in marriage, marriage is the death of romance, kids change everything...
You have to go to work to earn money for living - only rare and lucky people can make it as an artists.
Money is bad and the people who have a lot of it, are all bad.

Thank you for reading.

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