nedelja, 06. september 2015


I have recently posted this blog → Hello, hi! ← and today I came one step closer to reaching my goal of success. My goal was to make my own money to be able to move away to United Kingdom and buy myself a new laptop, because I really need it for what I do (blogging, photography, videos). As it is clear to all of you by now, I want to devote my life to acting and everything TV, movies related and I was on a job hunt that would include at least a glimpse of it. I found that my favorite place on earth, which is our local cinema in looking to employ students and I applied.

I was really nervous, because I have only worked in front of the camera and in our family restaurant, I had no experiences with interviews. I put on my best smile and kinda rock the whole thing, or at least I think I did, because it all went according to plan. My first day is this Friday and I am actually not getting paid on my first day, but then I am working to get real money from that day on. My first 'official' working day is going to happen on Saturday, but there is a catch. That is the exact day when Ritem mladosti is happening. I know, you are confused, because you don't know what that even is. That, my friends, is just the biggest event in Slovenia. Thousands of people gather to this one day music festival, so I am expecting a big crowd. As much as this sound scary, I am really excited about it. 

To be honest, I am one of those super hype people, that will always look happy and make jokes just to make everyone around me smile. I talk super fast and I can change anyone's opinion. I am that kind of a person, you can see why I consist on acting. It is what I am good at and it is what I am passionate about, so I am looking at this job as some kind of a fake acting job. This may sound odd, but I have a feeling that I could really make this work.


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