sobota, 05. september 2015


There are so many things that inspire me and one of them is definitely reading second opinions and just what people have to say about life and things in general. And one of the most inspiring things I read recently was Ana's blog. I immediately wanted to know more about this girl, so I decided to ask her for a coffee and just meet with her, to see if she would maybe like to write something with me, because she runs the most adorable blog and I would love for all of you to check it out.

At first we were both a bit shy, but then when we started talking about schools and families she easily opened up to me and we had this amazing few hours of talking together. We discovered that we have the same taste in men and TV shows in general, when she mentioned Misfits to me and of course the love of my TV life Robert Sheehan. I haven't really met a person who would really know Robert Sheehan here in Slovenia, so that was a pleasant surprise. We share the same interests and opinions for a lot of things, which is really nice, because she gave me the feeling like I can talk to her for hours and still have millions things to share with her.

As we are both bloggers, of course we couldn't get pass the discussion about our experiences and just about the definition of what blogging really mean to us. Blogging means that you have ability and desire to express and just put yourself in the spot for the world to judge your opinion. And it is not about selling your ideas, it is about having this gold thread of knowledge you want to inspire and share with others and even yourself. That is what I see in Ana. Being this great girl, full of ideas and a great imagination, who is not afraid to put herself out there and just be who she really is. I had an opportunity to be stuck in a coffee shop with her, because it was pouring outside for almost 4 hours, the definition of serendipity, truly. She was very down to earth, and I can tell you that she has very great ideas, and I would love all of you to check her blog out, because she deserves a lot more recognition. She just started her second blog, I believe and it is called 'Little Ana'. Click the link → here ←.

Today was a great day! I just feel so lucky to have this blog and you guys, who inspire me to put myself out there and meet amazing people, like Ana. 

I am gonna see you guys tomorrow with some more exciting news hopefully. 

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