ponedeljek, 28. september 2015


The last couple of weeks I have been working and couldn't really focus on anything else but work. Still, I had very particular ideas about subjects I want to write down here, while being on a blog break. The one I want to share today with you is very inspiring and it is based on my experiences, working with people.

My job was to sell things like food and cream and shampoos and stuff like that. The down side of the job was waking up very early and being on cold and just standing for multiple hours, without sitting down or going for a tea to warm myself. As much as I hated my job, I had some very pleasant experiences with people around me.

For example, people noticed that I have been standing in the cold and offered to buy me tea and get me a chair and as strictly as I had to decline, I felt very worm just by seeing how caring people really are. I know that I barely notice stuff like that, I always say hi back if someone says hi and smile or maybe chat for a few minutes, but to be honest wouldn't notice if something like that would happen to people and they wouldn't mention it. I like to think that I would, but I don't. And I developed a theory why. People have so many worries and so much technology to care about others or give a nod back to a simple hello. And I decided to reduce my use of phone and start looking around. You don't see it, but it really changes someone's day and maybe you think that this is not important, but it is! It changed my day and I wanted to take the time to tell you to do better. Notice more. Be the change. Make someone's day. Because who knows, maybe someday you will be in need.

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