torek, 29. september 2015


While I was working the other day, it started to rain and I noticed something. Girls wear rain boots. I know that not many people can stand them, but I think they are adorable and I will definitely buy them some day. As you know me, I am always up with the stores and fashion, so I already researched the whole boots affair on one of my favourite sites ASOS.

Then I went on polyvore and this is the link of it and I highly recommend you to check it out, if you want to buy wellies - Polyvore Wellies.

There are so many beautiful designs and the most amazing thing is that you can almost always buy matching rain coat with it. I said that if I will ever make it as an archaeologist, I will buy them. I have no idea, but something about the color blue or yellow looks so great. I mean, I normally don't wear yellow, but they look great in yellow. I reminds me of the original yellow boots. Yet, I think that blue ones look the most feminine. When I will have money, I will definitely buy the blue ones.

This are my pick, if I were to choose. There is something I don't like about the short ones. I mean some people can really pull them off, but I think that the standard size is way prettier. At least for me.

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