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I believe that, if you are around my age, you all grew up watching Leonardo Dicaprio. I hated that guy. And there was only one reason that made me hate him and that reason was Titanic. God, that was a whining film, I hated it when I was younger. It had that catchy song in it by Celine Dion and I hated the fact that all the girls were madly obsessed about it and the movie was not even that good, in my opinion, but you should know that I have a very specific taste in movies. I had a very special group of actors that I thought were washed (disclaimer: I was wrong and stupid at that time). He was that groups leader beside Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

I remember when Inception was the main attraction in 2010. I was and still am a movie freak and I knew everything about everything and Inception was a major movie that year, I dare to say the best. And I decided to watch it, because you know, I had to. So, I saw it on Partis and downloaded it. I have never fallen for anyone as much as I have fallen for Leo in that movie. He was so good, I worshiped him more than anyone. I loved the movie for its amazing, not just amazing, but brilliant story and the whole cast and of course the director Nolan (who is one of my favorite people on the planet), but to put cherry on top of a film, there was Hans Zimmer with the most amazing movie soundtrack Time and amazing album for the movie. It had Marion Cotillard, it had Ellen Page, it had Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it had Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy and Ken Watanabe and of course I mustn't forget Michael Cane. But none of those actors made me so impressed as that guy from the worst movie of my childhood did. From that day on Leonardo DiCaprio in my hero.

I can not remember when I changed my mind about an actor or actress, I put them in three sections usually. There is a section 'worshiped', and section 'not-watchable' and section 'okay, if there is nothing better to watch'. He is so amazing that he came from 'not-watchable' to 'worshiped' in a matter of seconds. I don't usually like pouting movies, but The Great Gatsby is classic (yeah, I know Titanic is classic as well) and I read the book and I loved it so much that I couldn't wait for the movie and Leo was so good in it. I am really happy with a movie when I can't find anyone who could play someone instead of the main characters, and I have not seen a movie in my life that I would have someone else casted instead of Leonardo. He impressed me with The Wolf of Wall Street and Django Unchained and literally every movie I have seen so far. I would even consider myself enjoying Titanic. I have just downloaded Revolutionary Road and Gangs of New York.

My biggest wish is to watch every good movie, a movie worth watching for, that exists on this planet. I know that my wish is impossible, but I would just hate the idea of missing out on a great movie, but recently I have tried to watch as many as possible (Dallas Buyers Club, Django Unchained...). I have tried to watch all the movies I didn't have the time to watch when they came out and all the nominations of Golden Globe and The Oscars. By the way, I am so disappointed in Academy for not giving Leonardo DiCaprio the damn Oscar he deserves. Personally I am more of a Golden Globe person, but he already got a Globe and he definitely deserves an Oscar as well. I mean are you crazy?! Just today I have watched his nomination for Wolf of Wall Street and Matthew McConaughey won it for Dallas Buyers Club. I mean I totally get that, because he was brilliant it it, all respect for McConaughey' work on that film, but Leo deserved one for all the rest nominations. Cmoooon people, we should be rebels and demand his Oscar. No, but serious, it would make me really happy for him to get it.

He inspires me and gives me that sparkle of passion for films. If you are not that much of a movie freak, as myself, you don't appreciate brilliant movies as much as I do, but they are the point of my life. And I have to say this: He is the leading actor of our time.

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