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Lets talk Shameless today. I was thinking to do it Skins style, since that is the most requested thing here. I just started watching Shameless and I have completely fallen for the Gallagher family. It is one of the best shows I have watched so far. It has it all, it comes with a whole package. Let me really quickly tell you what is it about and try not to spoil everything, because I command you to watch it after reading this. It is about an alcoholic dad of six and the older sister takes care of her five siblings. You basically follow this Gallagher family, as they stumble on so many things that could bring them down, but they stick together and they make the best of it. Let me just state the fact that this is not a depressed show. Like I said it has it all, it is funny, it is hard to understand, it is complex, it has some pretty heavy sh*t in it (suicide, bipolar...) and it has nudity and of course drugs, alcohol and so on. But it really isn't a depressed show, I just can't describe it better for you to know that. SO lets start with the GALLAGHERS.

He is a heavy alcoholic, who doesn't really give much damn about his kids and mostly cares just about the money. He is not very good with giving advice, yet he is really good to take care of his ass. Once in a while he turns great and spends time with kids, but it never usually lasts long. Frank spends most of his time at the bar called The Alibi Room, where he has 'friends'. He and Monica are married, but they are not together anymore, because Monica left and has occasionally lesbian affairs.

Fiona is the older sibling and basically takes care of all the kids and even for Frank. Later on she become the legal guardian of them all. She is in love with #JimmySteve. JimmySteve is complicated to explain, but all you really needs to know is that he lies about his identity and first goes by the name Steve, but later on confesses that his real name is Jimmy. I am not sure, but I think that in 5th season he even goes for the third name, but I can't really tell, because I just started with 4th season, but I can almost guarantee you that I will know by tomorrow haha.

Lip is my favourite, I love him, he is super cool. Just for the record I ship him with Mandy, not Karen or any other girl, I just wanted to throw that out haha. I love him because he dresses nice and is very smart. He know everything about literally everything. Karen messed him up bad and he kinda takes that on Mandy, but Mandy is a Milkovich girl and can take it. Lip and Mandy are actually together in real life, which fulfills my ship. Lip has this amazing walk, he walks so good, I can't really show you but he has boots and a special walk and it really works for him. He also gives the best quotes on the show, I love it.

He is gay and in love with Mickey Milkovich. Those two have a special love/hate relationship that is very abusive and violent, but somehow they pull it of well. I am not really sure what happens with them in season 4 & 5, but I root for them. Ian has a passion for army and is Mandy's best friend and is also very close with Lip. They tell each other everything.

Carl kinda reminds me of my sister, he always experiments with dangerous things like fire for example, he is very special and kinda weird, but the whole family really loves him and don't even question him. Debbie is very emotional and very motherly. She can take a full house of kids and can handle to even calm adults and make them feel better. Liam is the youngest and doesn't really evolve around him that much, there was a time Monica tried to take him away from Fiona, but couldn't do it. Oh yes, maybe to mention Liam is kinda black and is the only one in the family and he is for sure Frank's son.

Veronica and Kevin are a very happy couple and are Fiona and basically Gallaghers best friends. Kevin works at the Alibi Room and Veronica does whatever. Together they make adult movies, which is kinda funny, but they have baby on the way. If they can't make it, nobody can.

I just love the show and would love to write more about it and all about others, but I am kinda lazy, so now it is the time to stop reading and start watching. Bye :)

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  1. Stop it! I'm not allowed to start watching another show because until holidays and this sound soooo tempting! >.<