sreda, 14. oktober 2015


No matter how hard life throws lemons at you (haha, great reference) you have to pick up and at some point make the best of it. I wouldn't like anything more than continue the lemon joke, but this is kinda a serious matter.
I really want to film. I am super inspired to make autumn movie, but the weather is just shit. I am also into filming sit downs, but I can't make myself because I don't have anything to say. I mean I can talk on and on, but nothing that I like comes out of me. Nothing productive. And therefore I can't use my sit ups for you. I have plenty ideas, but somehow nothing turns out the way I want it. 

I got a proposal for this blog a few days ago and I was super excited at first and I loved the company that contacted me and I wrote all about it, because it is great product that I would recommend you, but somehow I thought it wasn't written good enough and I couldn't post it and I would love to, but I need a second opinion, but I really can't post it right now.

Photographer contacted me about making a photoshooting with me, because he loved my hair and I was kinda excited, but then I remembered the last time I trusted someone I don't know and I got skeptical, but then I figured, what the hell, I will do this. So, you might just get some professional pictures here for a change. That would be nice, right?

Halloween is coming up and this year I will do my best and dress up and make spooky decorations and do bloody deserts. Last year was kinda a fail and all I did was pout about it, so for your sake, I will try to make a blog, maybe a video about it. That sounds great, doesn't it. Oh yeah, if you don't already know about my obsession with Harley Quinn, it is the right time for me to tell you I will dress up as her and I will make Jan my Joker (I wanted to say I will make juvie my bitch because Shameless haha). That is how crazy girlfriend I am. 

Life really doesn't stop for anybody. I was thinking a lot about what happened to me and how I should be all broken down, but I am really not. I have a lot of opportunities this year. I am going to be a nanny, maybe a flight attendant, I might just do a movie and I will be able to do (for a change) what I like. 

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