torek, 24. november 2015


All of a sudden I had to grow up. I feel like it happened over night. One day my mother took care of everything and the next day I had to do it myself. It was strange to be honest, but it made me really proud of myself. I was always the girl who didn’t need anything just because I didn’t want to do it. Like for example I still don’t have driving license, because I simply didn’t need it and I was afraid to do it. But now, I feel like I am not afraid of anything. There are so many things I did this month, I feel so proud of myself. And I have to tell you what I did, obviously.

-       I signed up for pastry school.
-       I took care of my health insurance.
-       I took care of CSD.
-       I bought my pastry requirements.
-       I bought a domain and web hosting.
-       I learned how to deal with HTML.
-       I did this website.
-       I decided to make a drastic change by giving this blog a different name.
-       I decided to stop crying and I must say I am doing great (I am an obsessive crier).
-       I will learn how to drive.
-       I went to work.
-       I decided to buy a ferret.
-       I am moving away and I have accepted it.
-       I met new friends.
-       I reconnected with my old friends.
-       I made it better with my dad and grandparents.

I mean if you are not proud after I did all that drastic decisions in less than a month (2 weeks actually) then you are impossible to impress. I am such a fool, talking about myself like that, but come on guys, it is the first time for me. If this blog or should I now say website (haha #proud) is not for sharing my thoughts and stuff with you, then it is pointless to it anyway. I got a hate mail the other day, which I enjoyed a lot! I was laughing my heart out. I just think you should know this, because it is the best. But apparently I am in love with myself. I mean I love getting mails from you, even if they are hateful. You just need to understand one thing that no matter how much you dislike someone and you want to show it, in the end it only looks like you are trying too hard. You say mean stuff to me but honestly you took that much time only for me and I appreciate even that. Yet I get only positive feedback from you and this was a rare thing. 

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