nedelja, 22. november 2015


 Complexity of any story makes it the best part. For example when you hear gossips from your friend, random things that are told to you about the main problem will not impress you as much as a few sentences that are really important. And that is how I feel about movies. There are a lot of movies I love to watch, but then there after a long time of not being the most impressed comes a movie that blows my mind. And one of those movies is Comet. It is a very complex movie and to be honest I would have to watch it again to fully understand it, that’s how brilliant it is. I loved Emmy Rossum in it, in fact I love her everywhere, in every movie, so that was a plus. But I wasn’t sure about other cast and I was pleasantly surprised. But I must tell you this right now; it is not a movie for someone who is not looking for deeper meaning and is very artistic mind. The whole movie is jumping back and forth in time of lives of two people. It is sometimes hard to figure what is even going on or if it is all just a dream or if it is real. But it shows the moments of the people colliding so perfectly and that is what impressed me the most. It shows the moment when the boy first met the girl in such a true way it actually made me feel pain in my chest, because I feel everything so deeply. It is exactly how I felt when I first saw someone that I fall for. It brought so many memories and that was brilliant. Unfortunately or actually in opinion luckily the movie doesn’t end so well, which made you guess what happened. But also it is not a very happy movie. I guess you could say it is adorable and charming in some parts, but it is mostly sad. Just my taste. 

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