torek, 03. november 2015


I have a boxer Thor, as I am sure that you know already. He is treated with love and he actually is a great dog. He behaves and does tricks and is calm and playful and basically the dream dog. He is not like that because he was born that way, he was trained that way. He didn't just learn things by himself. Everything he does is the product of me spending time with him and sometimes trying to teach him a single simple trick for hours. He behaves because he had been told to, and I spend numerous hours training him to do so. If your dog doesn't behave well or is violent or doesn't want to sit on your command, that is not his fault, but it is yours. Some dogs hate working or tend to spend more time learning one thing than others, but you can train your dog. Some dogs just take more time than others. For example I have a friend, who spends every second with her dog and her dog is amazing. She behaves like an angel, truly. But that is because she spends time with her and puts effort and money in her. And I also know a girl, who has a dog for some kind of an accessory, when she has time. And her dog is just violent and bad and all she does is getting mad at him, when nothing he does bad is his fault. Well, you get what I am saying. You reflect on your dog. 

If you can't control your dog, don't just assume that you can just take 5 minutes and he will behave. Time changes everybody. If having a dog in a cage 20 years ago was a must-have, it is not so now. It is a responsibility.

Also, I have a huge problem with people who train their dogs as guards. You don't do that. Because he will eventually loose his mind and attack someone or something. Maybe by accident. Yes, it is great that you have a protective dog and he wouldn't let people hurt you, but it ends here. I just loose my shit when I get somewhere and 10 dogs are barking at me, when I am just walking down the street, looking as they are going to eat me. We are moving away from Ljubljana and I will have just a little fence away from people who have a dog like that, who is just aggressive. Imagine if that dog got to face my lovely and calm dog, which never got into a fight and doesn't even know why dogs are acting like that. It is devastating to even think that.

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