sreda, 25. november 2015


It is not even news that I am studying pastry. Yes, pastry. I feel so relaxed when I am doing something sweet. When I cook I always have deep thoughts and think about boyfriends and life in general. I always feel so unprepared, but not when I am baking. I literally find answers to every questions I have, and trust me there are many of them. But today I had my first practical part of actually learning pastry and it was great. The fact that I learned so many new things, I have never heard about before, is amazing. I thought I knew a lot about it, but I was so wrong. Like did you know that when you are boiling chocolate there mustn’t be a single teardrop of water in it. Not in the bowl, not by accident, not by butter or anything like that. That is fascinating right? I always put some butter with chocolate, but that is wrong. Very wrong. You can only give oil in it or coconut butter. That is probably the coolest thing I have learned today, even thought there were many more impressive things to get out of the lesson. I love listening to people who are older and show so much heart at what they do. It inspires me. The best part of the experience is definitely meeting so many amazing people that share the same passion. You know, when I was in high school, I had to deal with people who hated some subject as well as me and we didn’t share the same interest, but here we have the same goal and that makes it so special. Lately I have also shown a little bit of interest in bio-chem. That’s a first. I hated biology. I HATED BIOLOGY. It was surely the number one subject I hate through my whole primary and high school years, but lately I have studied atoms and how they work and how we actually work and it is great. I feel like Simmons haha. Not, but truly, I love it. And besides I had to study microbiology and chemistry for pastry school. Maybe I want to become a scientist. That sounds so cool. Eva the scientist. I just got chills hihi. It is so late, so I better leave before I embarrass myself even more.

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