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TELL 'HELL NO' TO STRESS! #LetsReadCosmpolitan

This is another post of my mini series called 'Lets Read Cosmopolitan'. For this month's edition I decided to talk about stress. Almost every one is dealing with stress at some point and here are some tips that help and relax you when you are having those stressful days.

Paint, draw, color, and be artistic.
This is what helped me and I would say that I am not very good at it, but there is something really cool about creating something (even if it is not a Picasso). In the end you feel great.

Take a break. Take a nap.
To be honest this might not be a good idea when you have a deadline and you are stressing about it, but it works great if you just got into a fight with someone or if you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Honestly, when Jan and me broke up, I would sleep every afternoon after school and would be in bed at 8 pm. And I had quite nightmares, so I would suggest music and just a pet, because they gave you the not-alone feeling.

Write a story. 
I honestly write to feel better. I don't just write blog, I wrote numerous diaries and I would write stories (I have a huge collection of my 'novels' haha). It will help you state the problem. I sometimes get sad for no reason or maybe I don't even know how to feel and at that times I try to write and I try to find perfect words to describe how I feel and it helps me even find the problem of my stress and sadness.

Great music. Dance.
Jake Bugg showed me that I can relax by listening to his voice. Also George Ezra. I usually have a different taste in music, but when I am moody, I like to listen to strange and in my opinion the best kind of voices and those two are just my top two examples. Don't listen to rap. HAHA, rap is what I dig and it doesn't help me getting happy most of the time. I like to put on headphones and just lie for a few songs and be calm and then I like to dance to some dancing songs. It really sets the mood for me. I am a terrible dancer and in the end I just end up laughing at my own moves.

Lemon. Cinnamon & Apple. Baked cookies. 
Get a great smell. When I am feeling hopeless I would light a candle or go bake some cookies. Who am I kidding, I would always have candles in my room. They just work magic when it comes to mood.

Kiss. All the time.
This might not be for the single people (or could it?, Don't let me tell you what to do haha), but as I am not single, I can tell you that kissing makes me super relaxed and even cuddling or taking control helps with stress or even depression. Besides, kiss your boy as much as you can. That’s one of the best parts of being with someone. Show them the love, don't be old and grumpy.

Cosy socks. Pajamas. Beanies.
Get super cosy. Jump in the shower to feel fresh and just put on the best cosy clothes that you can find in your wardrobe and you will instantly feel great.

Coffee. Green Tea. Any kind of tea. 
I already regret promoting you all this 'bad' things, but I can't really help it. They really work for me. The whole preparation already relaxes me, not to mention that I love the taste and that I am an addict.

Get up.
That doesn't work for me at all, but I know it works for most of you. Get up. Do yoga. Go for a run. Sport. It will help you get your mind of the problem (I guess). I just end up stressed even more. But when I was training and when I was sporting every day for hours, I don't remember being sad for anything really.

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