torek, 17. november 2015


This is what I learned today. Art never comes from happiness. I was always the one to say you can be artistic and so happy and good at what you do. No matter what art you are doing, it could be drawing, singing or acting. I noticed that since I got my heart broken, I am so good at what I do. Some kind of pain is screaming inside of me. I am not as much inspired and all I want is to sleep and study and play video games, but when I actually try to act, I am brilliant at it. My drawing is 100% more meaningful and my singing sounds better, more emotional. It is not just sad, but better for sure. Maybe artists are meant to have their heart broken. I know that you are probably not agreeing with me on this one, but I am talking about my experience. When I was happy, I did funny things better, but now I can do serious roles great and I can actually feel more emotions. I am not sure, but I think that this comes from the recent events, but I could be wrong. Maybe I got better at it because of something else, but the change can be seen. I was thinking to actually do a short movie, which could be challenging. But right now I am lacking motivation and I am not sure about the idea. I mean I had some pretty cool ideas. We will see. Recently I haven’t posted so much on Youtube, but I posted privately and that was a problem, because I couldn't post for the world to see. And as hard as it is right now for me, I am trying the hardest to make this blog perfect and to learn HTML and just gathering informations and doing something about quality. I am still on fire, no matter what comes in life, no matte how many will hurt me, I will still stand strong. I am buring alive, fire meet gasoline style.

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