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Dear Santa!

I read online in this one picture that if I send this letter to this certain address, you are going to reply. This could turn out so wrong and I will send a random letter across the world to nobody or it could turn out great; in that case, Hi, I am Eva. I am 19 years old and come from the capital city of Slovenia and my English is not really that good, but bare it with me. This year I have so many wishes, which I know you won’t be able to give them to me all, but if you give one of them, it will make me incredibly happy.

The first thing I wanted to ask you is to change the school system. I have no idea how is it everywhere else in the world, but here in Slovenia we get to have a week of vacations in every two or three months, which is great, don’t get me wrong. But after a week of doing nothing and relaxing, we have to go back to school and if you have been watching on us, almost everyone is unhappy. And I am trying to understand why. All I can think of is that this country is trying to prepare us for the adult life, where we will have to go to work. But is it worth it? I see my little sister rejecting school, because she was really not designed to study. She is the artistic kind of person and she can make something amazing with her hands and that is how she uses her brain. Why does she have to literally suffer doing something because it is the norm? I have been going to school for 13 years and she currently started her 9th grade. Can’t you change that? Can you just make everyone happy? I know that some people are having a blast in school. My ex boyfriend was genius. He knew everything about every subject and beyond what we actually had to learn for a test. It is like he was designed for school and I wish for people like him to have that kind of education. But I don’t wish that for someone like my sister.

Closure. I am asking you to give people closure. A couple of weeks ago I lost my favorite person in the world and as much as I want to ask you to bring him back to me, I think it is better if you just bring me closure. I have been living by this saying: “Never give up on someone you can’t go a day without thinking about.” But I don’t think I am strong enough to suffer months for him to just come back to me and do it to all over again (but if you are able to bring him back to me, I promise I will never let him go away again). And I wish that for so many people. I wish that for daughters and fathers, sons and mothers, relationships going wrong, loss of someone dear and just struggling. In my opinion this will ease their pain and help them move on and just be happy. If you can’t give this to me, give it to as many people as you can.

The next thing is acceptance. Next Sunday we will have to vote if we allow homosexual people have kids. And I wish that all of us could. I can. I encourage every good parenting. If two alcoholic parents have kids, and don’t take care of a human being properly, why don’t give those kids to someone who will love them. I would rather grow up with two fathers who will love me and take care of me than with someone who is not even able to take care of himself or herself. There are so many kids who need someone to acknowledge them and appreciate them. Why not give them to people who actually will. What if they are gay? I know so many super cool gay people, who would make perfect parents.

I really wanted to ask you if you could bring me a really cool Canon with auto focus and equipment to make some cool videos, because that’s what I like to do, but instead I want to ask you for a world peace. I wish that refugees wouldn’t have to run from their homes and that terrorists wouldn’t take advantage of that and bomb us, who tried to take care of them. I hate wars, can you please make sure there is not going to be a war. It would break my heart if I were to loose someone important. Like I don’t imagine my friends getting to army and fighting for something they have to. All my friends are super talented and they would not deserve loosing their dreams and life for something they didn’t even want. I have seen how war can affect some people. My grandparents lived through WWII and they can’t seem to stop thinking about it. They talk about it all the time and they probably never will stop, because it hurts them so much. It is hard to listen to their stories about how they lost friends and just people they know and how hard life was. That is something I wouldn’t want for myself or and for anyone.

I know that for some reason I am asking for impossible things, but if anyone can do it, it is you. I believe in you because Christmas is my favorite time of the year, because I get to spend time with all my dearest friends and family. And if you can’t bring me all of the above, bring all the people closer together for this holiday. Make up lost friendships and bring people who were meant to be together back together. Make fathers see how important their children are for the first time, or mothers. There are countless of siblings who don’t speak to each other, make them find a way back and just help animals, who are lost or who deserve better. Help homeless people. Make everyone happy this holiday. Find a way, please.

Always yours, Eva Premk

(If you want to send something to Santa, contact me and I will give you the address.)

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