torek, 26. januar 2016


There has been quite some discussion about how different it is of having two dogs rather than having one. Well, I can't tell you that much for I have been having two dogs for 3 weeks, but I can tell you basic differences.

The main goal here is that now that you have two dogs, you don't share the attention you gave your first dog, but you double it. That is probably the crucial thing of having two dogs. If you don't have the time for your first dog, why do you think you will have the time for two dogs? So we just figured out that having two dogs takes more time than having one. It just so happens that I have two different breeds and my boxer dog wants to run more than my puppy, so I have to take them both to a quality walk and figure out a way to still make sure my Boxer dog runs. So, I have to double the time outside. I found a perfect solution for that and that are forests. Now that I don't live in the capital city anymore, I am actually able to go to forest and let loose my dogs. And that is a win win for me. My Boxer runs his hear out and my Rottweiler walks and explores. But be aware that being in the city will make you double the time, since there are no forests there.

Buying more. I knew that I will have to buy a lot more food and I am giving my dogs row meat and that costs a lot more. You can't just not give your dogs quality food. If you aren't financially prepared to take care of two dogs, don't even consider it. One dog costs a lot, but two double that. Yeah, I know math. I have to buy double the bags, double the vet costs, treats and so on. Not to mention puppies grow. My little pup will need a bigger collar in a month and bigger harness. Bigger everything. Not to mention that puppies bite a lot. My Rottweiler pup just destroyed my SD 32GB card that costs a lot and I was away for just a minute. Literally you have to be prepared that they could destroy something.

This is only for new dogs, but be prepared to sleep less and be exhausted more. For me, I put my 100% of energy to my dogs and at the end of the day I just want a good night sleep but sometimes getting a pup isn't just all roses. or the first three days my puppy was crying her heart out at night and I was not able to sleep to calm her down. After that three days she got used to it. But that is my case, what if your dog does that for more than that? Consider your energy and if you are able to do that.

Learning and socializing. The most important thing is to socialize them. To each other and to other dogs, places, people... I have been having Nala for literally less than three weeks and I took her to meet other dogs (dogs of my friends and neighbors) and puppy litter and basically I took her to roadtrip to the sea and to the mountains and I am planning a trip to the Zoo this week. Not to mention that you have to teach your pup basic tricks. That takes time. And we are back to spending time with your dogs more.

As I said I only have two dogs for short amount of time, there will definitely be a part 2 coming up soon.
But to be honest having two dogs for me changed my life. I love having dogs. I love spending time with them and I can say for sure that I spend 24 hours with both of them.

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