četrtek, 07. januar 2016


I can now officially say that I no longer live in Ljubljana. Our family needed a bit more space and decided to sell our apt. to build a house in a town where I grew up. We are currently in the process of moving our things and are super excited to have a bigger place. You might not know this, but I have a lot of things and having something so big really suits me and I finally bought the biggest bed for my room. I was planning to have it large for my boyfriend, but since that didn’t work out I am having a lot of space to host my two little sisters for Disney cartoons and of course dogs. As soon as I move everything and give it a finishing touch, I will post photos. It looks quite spacy and cool.

There is another new thing I wanted to write about and that is plants. I just gained a huge love for plants and I bought myself a bonsai. I actually gave him a name and it is Joshua. You know U2 album Joshua Tree? Well, it makes sense to me. It is long for Josh or Jay. I like that it is long for Jay, because Modern Family. I really talk in riddles today, but really you should know this stuff, they are basic knowledge. I think Modern Family is my favorite TV series right now.

Let’s also talk about how exciting January is! There are so many series coming out I can’t even track them. Like Teen Wolf is out, pre-Shameless is here, Modern Family is continuing, Reign is also continuing this Friday, The Big Bang Theory. I haven’t really checked if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming soon, but I have high expectations of January haha. Thank god that I am a looser and don’t have a life, my mom would say. The only better thing would be if GoT would come out this month as well.

There is snowing in Slovenia, so not that I am only busy trying to move my stuff, I am also trying to go out and enjoying snow. :) Enjoy my fluffy snowflake (which Anja Troha captured perfectly).

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