torek, 23. februar 2016


I do so get that you are full of hormones when youre like 12 and stuff, but I am not gonna put up with you, because thats not my job. I don't need girls telling me how I should act and threaten me and all this things. Like, chill out. I am just a blogger and I only express my own personal opinion. Attack me, but seriously leave my family or J or whoever is or was in my life out of it. I am so used to getting comments (even hate ones), but I get so defensive when I hear like the name of any of my family members. I did not steal anyone from anyone. If I am hanging out with guys that doesn't mean I am dating them or that I am having a romantic relationship with them. Don't just assume that and don't have the guts to send me hate stuff and think that I won't expose you, cuz I will. Don't act like know-it-all.

Second, my dogs. My dogs are my dogs. I don't share custody with anyone, as long as I know. They don't belong to you. Just because you like my pictures and my posts, that is not a reason to just take photos and say that they are your dogs. And the same goes for my friend Anja, because there is this girl or boy on Instagram @doggone_beautiful, and I randomly found out that she stole some pictures from Anja and I just told Anja and now that person is commenting me shit and annoying me all the time. What the hell is wrong with you?

Is it just me, or are crazy girlfriends and 12 year old girls just the worst?

Here enjoy my dog (photos by Anja Troha):

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