torek, 09. februar 2016


It hit me just yesterday that I am actually going to be alone, and it hit me hard, but honestly today is a completely different story. Whatever. Why do I need someone on that day? It is just another day. So, I am all in to tell you what you can do to feel a little better on this day. Because not that I care, but everybody gets sad sometimes and seeing lovebirds everywhere and being just dumped, isn’t really a good feeling. So, enjoy this list that mostly contains things to eat, because I am that kind of person:

 ·      TO EAT:
-       Wine and cheese. Honestly, is there anything better than being hungry and eating cheese without any bread, just to taste the flavor and maybe this time try to combine four different cheeses and add red wine. I am not encouraging you to drink alcohol, but it is proven that small amount can change your mood and even health. So, no hard feelings for wine. But just to advise you, choose four completely different cheeses. My picks would be salty Parmigiano Reggiano; creamy BIO goat cheese , which goes perfectly with olives and a little bit of salad; spicy cheese, whichever you want, and of course Gouda, which has a little bit nutty taste; and just in case add Gorgonzola.
-       Nuts. They are an energy bomb. They are a great choice to have on Valentines. But my pick would be to caramelize them. What is more delicious than caramel? Nuts in caramel. Trust me on that one.
-       This is my go to recipe for easiest desert ever and the best part is that it is made in microwave and it takes 2-3 minutes to make. Yeah it sounds impossible to believe, but here is how chocolate soufflé is made. You will need 2 free-range large eggs, 20g of flower, 20g of butter 80g of chocolate and 70g of sugar. Now you can combine eggs, butter and sugar and wisp it until it looks fluffy. Then slowly add flower and after that add chocolate. After you have combined all of the ingredients, prepare mugs (I prefer that) and just pour it equally to your mugs and dust a little bit cocoa powder in top of that. Then put your microwave on high temperature and just leave them for 2 minutes or three (depends on your equipment). The middle part shouldn’t be ”baked”, and it should be liquid. And here you go. I would add some berries with that, but that is on you.
-       Make your own chocolate. You can make white or black or normal, whatever you like. And the great part is that you can spice it up however you want. Do like chili chocolate? Maybe with rosemary? Or with nuts? The decision is all yours. That literally takes no time at all. You just melt chocolate and add the ingredient of your choosing and put it in models and put the whole thing to a fridge for like less than 10 minutes. 

·      TO DO:
-       Go to the cinema and watch whatever you want. Maybe choose a horror story. Something you would normally never watch alone.
-       Volunteer that you will babysit your friend’s dog, so she can have a relaxing day with her boyfriend and just take care of a puppy. What could be better?
-       Make ‘happy notes’. I do them all the time. When I am sad I write positive things of sticky notes and just put them whenever I think I will need them. Like on my nightstand or my wallet.
-       Go to the library. It just happens that I have the coolest people in our library and they can definitely choose something for me to read. Find a book you think you’ll like. Maybe choose the book with prettiest cover.
-       Write V-day card and just send them to everyone you want. That is really something on my bucket list to do.
-       Text your ex. Whatever if he is a dick. Whatever if he doesn’t deserve it or if he ignores it. Send him a joke and laugh for 10 minutes about it. Mess with him or prank him. Look, it is your life. And life is too short to not do stupid things.
-       Wear stupid clothes that you don’t dare to wear when you go out. Put them all on and just dare yourself. Push yourself. Break limits. What if someone thinks you’re weird? Screw people.
-       Listen to George Ezra. That guy knows how to put you in a good mood, trust me. You can also try San Cisco.
-       If you want to be productive and make some money just sell all that books from high school or that stupid collection of your CD’s that you don’t need anymore.
-       Go to a spa. Yes, spa is always an answer.

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  1. Go to the cinema and watch whatever you want. Maybe choose a horror story. We don't need cheese products but we need something different from the others.