sreda, 24. februar 2016


Girls love girls and boys.

(disclaimer: I am not talking about myself, because the only person I really love is Brendon Urie)

As a representer of a female species, I just felt obligated to tell you that love is not a choice, so bugger off if girls like to experiment with other girls, when they feel so. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bisexual or gay, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not. I think that sexuality should be defined by each individual alone, and not a crowd.

How many movies are there when they show you a perfect American house wife and then tell you that this house wife experimented in college with other girls. Like, I know that most men love to imagine girls together, but this is not about that. I think that you should express and use your body the way YOU want. I am sorry, but I am not going to talk about boys, because I don’t know what boys feel, but I imagine they feel the same.

I so truly understand that there are one too many discussions about this topic and I so truly understand that 200 years ago was not even a chance to be open minded with this topic. But seriously, loose the stigma. Because girls love girls and boys. Not all girls, maybe not even half, but even if its just 10% of girls that feel like being with a girl (maybe even just to try it out or to see where she is) are afraid to do so, because you tell them that this is not natural. Bollocks. If animals hump the same gender as them than that makes it natural. Like tell me you don’t know a single dog that doesn’t do this. If you don’t believe me Google it or turn on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel or whatever there is.

We don’t live in old church-inspires-only-straight kind of romance era. If we have computers that can basically order you food (that was the best example I could give, because I am hungry), and if there exist transgender (which I somehow totally get) and if Chinese people can create so many robots and such a cool technology and if we can clone dogs and other living beings, then girls can have some fun time with girls and not be judged for it.

Don’t start giving me examples of how many gay people you know that are mean and weird and how many gay people you know that are gay and are the coolest, because I know some pretty weird and mean straight people and I also know some pretty cool straight people. What and whom do you love doesn’t tell anything about how you are to others. 

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