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Today is leap year, which doesn't happen every year (I just don't know what should I write, so I am stating the obvious like 2 Chainz lol - you know what I am talking about). I just turned the stupidest introduction to the coolest one, which could only happen to me on a leap year. Because otherwise I am not that funny.

So, as every emotional women that there exists, I also watched that romantic comedy movie called Leap Year like 4 or 3 years ago, and I enjoyed it, which is even scarier than being an awful person watching romantic comedies just because there is a hot guy in it (damn!). I call that my pathetic-single-try-to-feel-better-watching-hot-guys phase. Don't judge, you did it too! But I am over that now. I would like to think I am better than that. Okay, back to business, the story of that movie is cool. 

Woman can only propose to a man on a leap year. That is the basic description of the movie. So, if your man doesn't want to put a ring on it, and you can't wait anymore, you just have to wait three years to put it on his. Which sounds kinda crazy to me, because I don't ever see myself proposing to anyone haha. Well, I am gonna trust my man (probably; when I will have one) that if he doesn't want to marry my ass, that it is not the right time (or girl haha *crying*). And I hope that he will trust me enough that he will know that I won't ever propose to him and put him in that awkward position. 

I have opinion about everything and I talk a lot and I would fight a lot with someone who will try to convince me differently than my belief, but I don't think that there is hotter thing than a guy who can handle that. So, I guess that I kinda changed my taste in men. I am basically saying that I am looking for someone who can handle me, but no. What I am looking for is someone who is not afraid to fight me and prove me wrong. I respect that. And there was a brilliant example of that in the movie. So, that made it worth watching for. 

So, if you aren't a big traditionalist like myself, and if you want to get married, today is your chance. I do respect that; I just would never do this myself. I am still waiting for Brendon and Sarah Urie to adopt me.

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