torek, 02. februar 2016


When I was younger I used to listen to One Direction all the time. I literally knew every song and ever detail about the boys. But as I grew older, I just snapped out of it. And as I am freshly single again, I started to listen to their music again. Particularly I like their first two albums, because they bring the best memory out of me. But honestly there are so many people that hate One Direction because they are boy band and because there are so many teenage girls that are obsessing over them. I kinda get why they are so compared to Justin Bieber or whatever. But honestly, I just love their music and lyrics because they instantly remind me of summer. Isn't just the best feeling when you are in the middle of winter and you get to listen to summer music. Basically one of my favorite little things.

Hell, I am nearly 20 years old and I listen to 1D. I would normally listen to Eminem and Linkin Park and Blink 182 and The All American Rejects. But as much as I try to deny it, 1D's mucis is something special. Not to mention how cute are the boys, that is a plus. Hey, don't judge. I am 20, they are perfect age for me hahahaha I wish.

But if you ask me, you should go listen to their album tracks that are not singles. Yeah, singles are amazing, but you have probably heard them 100 times already, and other tracks are just so amazing. Like, for sure my favorite songs are No Control and Strong. Just let me show you the lyrics:

I am sorry if I say I need you,
But I don't care, I am not scared of love,
'cause when I am not with you I am weaker,
Is that so wrong,
Is it so wrong,
That you make me strong.

Cmoon, that must be the best lyrics possible for someone with a broken heart. Not to mention that I have never heard a more summerish song that No Control. That is my go to summer driving song. Not to mention that their new album is bomb. That is probably the album I will actually buy a CD of, because Temporary Fix and Olivia. I mean, kill me now. I am obsessed.

Oh yeah, have I told you that I finally decided to do a driving license. So, I will basically do a most summer CD possible for my awfully amazing first car that I will get. For sure there will be One Direction.

Here you go, listen to 1D - Cloud. Its was their 4th album opener for all the concerts.

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