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Even as a little girl, I was impatiently waiting whole year to see The Oscars. I don't think you get it, but it was bigger to me than Christmas morning or my birthday. Today was a day when people would claim awards for what they have been working their asses off and today was the day when people got awards for doing something I love the most in the whole world. The Oscars. 

I watched probably all acceptance speeches there are from like 1990, not just because they super inspire, but also because they tell whole a lot about a person. Because by seeing someone's reaction when they get the most known award in a whole world; that really tells something about a person. Like do you remember when Halle Berry won and she couldn't speak, hell, she couldn't even breathe. That was really touching. Those are the moments I am really looking for. 

And this year I had my plans ruined (not that I am complaining hihi) by someone, and I could NOT sleep as I planned to, so I could wake up in the middle of a night and watch the actual thing. So, now as I should just turn on TV and watch it, I can't because I really wanted to tell you what this is about. That is a dedication. Like do you blog before you open presents on Christmas morning. I don't think so.

I think that I was never the only girl in the world who would make watching The Oscars such a big thing. I honestly think that each and every one of those people who were nominated or won did the same. You fall in love with acting from early years of your life. It doesn't normally happen when you are 30. It is something from the heart. It is the fact that you fall with someone's soul and body when you see what they can do, and what they can show. There are no words in the world to describe what I feel after watching a brilliant movie with great performance. And this (and The Golden Globes) is truly the night to honor what I believe in. It feels like the night was made just for me to enjoy. 

I turned my phone down and my iPad and I closed my computer tonight just because I didn't want any spoilers. I wanted it to be a first hand experience, but my stupid little sister was having a sleepover at my crib and she had to wake up early in the morning to go to school, and she woke me up by saying: ”EVA, LEO FUCKING WON!!!” So, I guess this is not going to be so exciting and nerve wracking for me to watch, but I did not go and Google his speech, even if I tried multiple times already, but I must contain this to at least act surprised. Oh, yeah, I cry when I see others cry on The Oscars. I ball my eyes out and I laugh and I basically pretend I am there. So, yeah I am crazy. 

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