nedelja, 28. februar 2016


Disclaimer: This is inspired by a song called Stressed Out by TØP, because these guys are cool.

Just very recently (like two months ago) we moved to Grosuplje, because we are going to move to Mengeš and we are building a house there, or should I say we will build it in summer. But honestly we had no idea if we are going to be able to do it this or next summer, and we just got the news and a sign paper that is allowing us to start right away, so all my exes, get ready to be neighbors again lol. That is the strangest sentence I wrote here for years. No, for real, I am not sure if I am happy or sad about it.

No but seriously, I lived in Mengeš before and all I can think about is a song mention in the 'disclaimer'. ”Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days, when our momma sang us to sleep. but now we're stressed out.” That is some pretty great lyrics. And they really describe the feeling I am feeling. 

So, yeah apparently, that is great news for some people (that I told already), but I imagine it is not for quite a few people, that I used to hang out with. I must admit that seeing them again is going to be awkward. But yeah, I guess it is better than goddamn Grosuplje haha. But the forests here, and I imagine the whole warm season, should be great, because it is beautiful. 

Also, I am one step closer to making my drivers license, so congratulations are in order. (->Thank you!)

Also no.2 I burned my big finger, when I held a burning candle (that me and my ex made, which could be a sign). Oh well, it is in the trash already. It's not nice to burn people, stupid candle. My finger is like having a second degree burnings (hahaha get it, degree, because it was Anyone?) I am just gonna leave you with this stupid joke. Bye!

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