sreda, 09. marec 2016


1. I like to be in the dark. My room is always so dark and therefore I had to buy Las Vegas of lights for my tortoises.

2. My favorite animal is tortoise and a dog. 

3. My favorite color is green and my lucky number is 7.

4. My ultimate wish is to live in America or UK or somewhere where people speak English.

5. I celebrate my half birthdays.

6. I am not in a relationship.

7. The last thing that made me happy was Game of Thrones trailer. And the fact that they put my favorite song in it.

8. When I grow up I want to be an actress and an archaeologist.

9. The last album I downloaded was Blurryface and my favorite songs from that album are Goner, Ride and Tear In My Heart.

10. In my opinion the most beautiful things in the world are the ones that glow in the dark.

11. I am going to name my baby girl (if I will have one) Summer.

12. The last TV series I watched was probably Gotham or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

13. I love tea and I love de-caffeine coffee, just for its taste. I hate sugar in it.

14. The last book I read was Zoella's book, Girl Online. But my favorite is The Time Traveler’s Wife.

15. I like warm climate.

16. I love first snow in the winter, but after that I hate it, because I was not made for snow.

17. I have a collection of Chai Late, because I love it. And I share it only with people that I dearly love.

18. I sing all right.

19. The thing I hate most about my body is my surgery scar.

20. I blog since my 1st grade of high school.

21. When I was in my 9th grade of primary school I ran away lol.

22. I love making collage videos from trips.

23. I have two dogs and two tortoises.

24. My favorite band is Panic! at The Disco and Linkin Park.

25. The thing I want to buy the most right now is yellow rain coat.

26. I love being dirty. I like to dig and I love being in the mud, which is yukky.

27. I know more about dinosaurs than you.

28. My favorite movies are Inception and Revolutionary Road.

29. I can prepare eggs in million different ways.

30. My favorite food is ice cream and salad with cool dressings.

31. I moved 8 times in my life.

32. I suck at Biology and I wish I wouldn't because I love it.

33. I am going to have a little ZOO when I grow up and I am going to buy a dog for every child I have probably haha lol. Issues.

34. The food I absolutely hate is polenta.

35. I live very spontaneous. I love adventures and I sometimes do crazy things because I like it that way.

36. I had problems with sleeping and I really did my research on that topic and from that time on I sleep for like 12 hours per day.

37. If you take me to a museum, I am yours forever haha.

38. I bite my nails and therefore I always paint my nails, because it is the only way for me not to bite them.

39. I am hell of a badass with shooting. Like I can aim af. Not that I have a gun or that I am dangerous, just sayin'.

40. Game of Thrones is my life and I cry every episode haha.

41. I can play Game of Thrones theme song on piano #badass.

42. My favorite subjects in school are math, physics, geography and of course history and English. Oh, and sports.

43. I can bake. I can bake good.

44. I can't focus if there is something wrong with colors and if they don't go together or match.

45. I have to look away when my dogs get injections or I almost faint.

46. I don't get injections, or I die hahaha.

47. My favorite Joker is from the cartoon and from Gotham Jerome (Cameron Monaghan, because that dude scares me) and Heath Ledger of course.

48. My favorite villain is Harley Quinn (and Joker), because she is nuts and adorable.

49. I like Marvel and DC.

50. I cry if I see someone else cry around me.

Now you know haha.

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