petek, 04. marec 2016


This morning, mother woke us up at like 7 and told us we are going to go for a road trip to the sea, because we have a new car. Of course we were all excited, because now we have actually bluetooth and we can listen to whatever music I like, because I am a music master. I choose music in EVERY CAR. So that was that, I bought new glasses because I love and need glasses, no excuse here. And we went for a coffee and for a little walk and then we were headed to Mengeš, because I spend every day in Mengeš, because yeah, we will move there, so, here is that. Anyway, then I went to the post and applied for college, which is actually a bit thrilling.

After that I was meeting my gang and we were eating and having coffee and just hanging out, as ways. Then I picked my sister and her friend and we took a bus home, and that was my day. I don't remember the last time I did 'my day' blog. It was when I was still going to Moste. Crazy.

I also bought some new make up stuff, mostly for cleaning face, which I will review when I will know if its good or not. Its just new make up whipes and some clense stuff and basic smokey-eye kit. I don't usualy use smokey eye stuff, I don't like stuff on my eyes, but I guess I liked that when I saw it, so therefore, I bought it.

Also, I am really into betting with my family for ice cream. (--> for ice cream because it is my favourite thing in the world). I made some pretty safe hardcore betting today. Also I downloaded Twenty One Pilots to my computer, which I never do, and I thought that I should, because I already did Panic! and 1D. So right now I am listening Goner.

And I am going to sleep in about 20 seconds, because I am exhausted. No second reading for mistakes today, sorry.

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