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I am really taking this music thing seriously because Troye Sivan is killing me with Bite. Kiss me on the mouth and set me free.

Today we are going to talk about true love and the ''right'' way to live your life, which is kind of a deep and long talk, but I think I can make it effective and short.

Everyone around me is having big birthdays. My generation is 20 years old this year and it made me think. 20 already?! Does that mean I get to be more mature and does that mean that in few years I will move out, supposedly with a boy and supposedly we will go to work and supposedly we will buy dogs and supposedly we are going to be a family? Am I in this stage of life? My mom already had me when she was 20! How crazy is that? 

So, a few days ago we were talking about what would my mom say if my sister would come home 16 and pregnant. And my mom would have different reaction than myself. And I disagree just because of one thing. Is this really a life you wanted for yourself and for this family? Do you want to be uneducated person, not ever living big (I am not saying all girls don't educate when getting pregnant, I am just looking at stats.) and having fun first? Didn't you ever want to see the world with your future husband alone without the worries? Or having an acting career? Or seeing your favorite band's concerts. It should go like this: a girl and a boy fall for each other and are together for years, living together, having dogs and living life to the fullest and then one day when both of them have a stable job and a big enough home and are mentally ready for it they have a baby and live happily ever after. It shouldn't be like this: a girl and a boy have sex, they know each other for barely a month and she got pregnant, and he left her and she is alone and with no money and no real high education and no home and no job and all the family will have to gather and help her raise that baby. And that baby will not know the father and will after all those years of struggle ask why is daddy never here? 

I am not saying it is impossible to have a baby at this early stage in life (in our country), yes it is possible, because people have it and they survive just fine, I am just saying that I always imagined it should be made with love and respect and happiness and capability of containing it that way. The perfect happy family not struggles because of one wrong move. 

As I said already a few posts ago, finding a perfect person to share your life with is the most important decisions any of us make. It is true, because that person will be with you through it all. Because that person will love you and love the crap out of the baby. Or not? I think it is fair to say everybody wants to live in a happy family, rather than not. 

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