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This is a picture from 2012 and Madagaskar 3 just came out and Anja found about this app and she pranked me and posted my pictures on facebook. So, let's appreciate that I had like a year in my life, when I would only have my hair in ponytail.

HAHA, I can't even. I saw some really old pictures on my Facebook and this is one of them. The thing is that I just watched How To Train Your Dragon and I was in love with Astrid so I made a bunch of these hair/head things and pretended I was cool.

So, the story about this picture is that when I was like 13 this agency asked me to send them some pictures with white blackground and I was too lazy to take any so I just colored the background white in like PhotoScape. And I got 10 points for creativity.

AHAHA, I used to think that I look cool in hair like this.

Awwwh, I made a Robert Sheehan shirt at home and I wouldn't stop wearing it.

I love this hahaha, no eyebrows.

This is me and two of my old schoolmates and I just remember the struggle of making a serious face for this.

Oh, This is me 6 years ago. Lol. I like my hair here tho. I miss my old hairstyle.

This is the last picture with Terezija, I think. Look at us, we were so funny.

This is me and my schoolmates during 'fizika' haha. Just messing around, making videos and snowflakes.

Oh, I like this picture only because it is the first one with baby Mila. Haha, look at my awful scare stare.

I remember that this was the day I met mama Tomec, haha. I didn't know it was gonna happen and I looked like a dork. And I just discovered what are flares, obvi ;)

This is when I was kinda a rebel. I had my headband on and I did ''cool'' stuff. This was the most cold water I have ever been to and I went in and then the next day I got a fever haha. Great job.

Oh, god. Look at my black makeup and no brows! Please kill me.

I didn't choose the gangsta life, The gangsta life chose me. (with Nika)

This was a whole day phooshooting with N. And I have my Robert Sheehan shirt on and I have my crazy eyes on. Look at that blue, it scares you almost.

We were driving after a whole afternoon of shooting on set and we stole some cool gear like a white shirts and caps and then we took pictures.

Like every picture after this one you see and I have red face and white line on my nose that was by the sea in summer.


This is what I am talking about. Every time we went to the sea I would have red cheeks and white line on my nose. I used to hate puttin creme on my face and the sun got me good. And I have a stupid habit - I scratch my nose a lot.

The one when I sit in the dirt.

I used to dress up like Robert Sheehan and that is the look.

lol, I used to love this picture, but yes. My face.

My first starbucks in Paris.

The first time somebody drew eyebrows on me and it looks bad.

Giving up on life in my early stages. HAHAH

Those were my favorite glassssses, which J broke because he didn't just step on them -.-

Always eating on set. #myLife

My grandma secretly judging my eating. haha I used to wear fake glasses and I still love to do that.

Red face, white line. What did I tell you.

I regret putttting this here already haha, look at me not caring about stupid prom. What a rebel.

Me and TJ spending vacations together in Izola. :)

Lol, I hated these glasses. They were too big but I forgot my 'cool ones' at home.

I was doing some impressions and this happened. I think that Brina took that one.

Being orange to match the lightning on set. Yes, being in film industry really changes you hahah?

I love the fact that you can see the sea in my glasses. Those were my second favorite glasses that Mila broke. Oh yeah I have a sun alergies and I wear and own a lot of glasses.

Always eating on set #2.

That time I had to cry for these scene with Bine and had a wooden spoon in my hair and take selfies.

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