sreda, 02. marec 2016


Not too long ago, M decided to play football again. He used to play for Olimpia and he was very good! Then he had to stop becase he was having some really bad back pain and now he returned and it is amazing. I get to go see every match and I get to be a crazy fan girl. I love watching live football! I am in love with it. Well, I don't mind watching basketball either, because I used to had to, but fotball... that is something else. I get so hyped. My heart pounds so fast every time there is a ball comming near M! Is that a dedicatio? I believe so. 

I always imagine I will someday going to be a wife to a football player, which is insane haha. It wouldn't have to be a famous club, it could be just for fun. Imagine me screaming at the judge and being a crazy mofo. That is so easy to imagine. When I watch football, I have that tickelish fingers, you know. When my fingers are tickeling me because I am nervous and excited. 

I just love watching live football, end of story.
This is my excited face.

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