ponedeljek, 07. marec 2016


J, which is shorter for Josh, which is shorter for Joshua has been with me for almost three months and all about us has been up's and down's. When I first saw Josh it was love at first sight. I saw him and I knew I needed to do something about it, so I took a chance on him and I am not gonna lie it was hard at first. We were moving apartments and it was a stressed out situation, so I guess it wasn't all his fault. Slowly he became to resent me and just not giving me what I needed from him, so you can guess that we were fighting a lot. But then after a few weeks of struggle, we finally found the same language. After that he quickly moved in with me, witch didn't last for more than two weeks, because he kept complaining on my lifestyle. I threw him out and from that day we decided to be mega best friends and our relationship has more than just grown (haha, grown, haha). Anyways, here is the picture of my bae. 

(By the way, Josh is Benjamin Ficus Bonsai, if anyone was wondering. They are sensitive and it is not just a piece of cake to take care of them, but it is definitely manageable.)

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