nedelja, 13. marec 2016


Let me just say real quick that this is only my personal opinion.  Yet many girls I know agree with me, so let's say it is accurate.

- Girls love it when a guy says something smart. 
- We secretly love it even when you fight us about something if your argument is smart or valid.
- Actually we appreciate it if you sing with us in a car.
- As cheesy as this is, if you text us at night or in the morning, we will literally start or end a day happy and will think about you.
- We don't like it if you just come at us with all the ”I love you's” and planning the wedding, yet we love it if you tease us for a little while with it.
- If you have a special talent, we will take it! It is sexy. Maybe do a handstand, win a chess game, do weird shit with your elbow. Yes. 100% YES.
- Please send us cool songs and please advise us what movies we should watch.
- Be funny and sarcastic. That is probably the best feature a guy can have.
- Dare yourself. Dare us too. Let's go for a night swim, let's go out in our underwear in winter (and get sick afterwards haha). You get the memo. 
- Let us win at games. If I don't win, I will seriously be mad and competitive the whole day, but you let me win and you get love and something else in return. Trust me, girls are cool when they win.
- Be really good at something. Play football really good and then teach us how to do it and  promise you, we will thank you later.
- Dance for us OR even better with us. I dance all the time, but that’s just because I find a guy very sexy when he is dancing and I want to give you a sing that you should do it.
- When you say we look beautiful. That’s the oldest story in the playbook, but we love it.
- Play all cool. Girls want something we have to fight for. Not too much, because we might just get sick and bored of it, just a little.
- Tell us no. That’s hot.
- Don't make us wait, because we won't feel special. Show us you will fight for us and we will return the favor.
- I am almost certain that all men can do that special look that drives a girl mad. You know the look that Flynn Rider did in Tangled? Do a look like that.
- Tell us about your future, with passion and details. If a guy knows what he wants, does it get better than that? I think not.
- Get the beard! PLEASE!
- Do impressions. I do this all the time and I guess it would be annoying if a guy would do it too? Or not, it could be just cute and even sexy.
- This might just be me, but unbuttoned flannel shirts in Summer. Love me now.
- If you wear cool glasses or maybe a cool hat. I don't mind.
- Be the boss. Chicks dig that.

Basically be Brendon Urie. That dude is hot just by existing.

4 komentarji:

  1. So basically you want a brony? (has a beard, a flannel t-shirt, a hat, does impressions, loves animals).
    Oh, and fix your English if you want to be an actress, darling.

    Love, Satan

    1. Hi Satan. Your parents chose a great name for your personality.

      Love, Eva

  2. See? It isn't that hard if you try. The sentence contains zero mistakes, good job, a gold star for you!

    1. Wish I could say the same for you. Keep looking Satan. I make money because of stupid people like yourself.