sobota, 04. junij 2016


How long does it take to move on from a breakup? Here are my two theories and two mathematical equations to go with that.

1. Half the length of the relationship. So, mathematically it will look like this:

MONTHS OF DATING : 2 = your result

Thats one complicated equation, I know.

2. One week for every month you were together.

MONTHS OF DATING; one week is for one month and then you just put weeks together. So if you were together for 3 years, that means 36 months and 36 weeks to get better. And if approximately a month has 4 weeks, you have to divide 36 with 4 and there is your answer. 9 months.

The equation: NUMBER OF MONTHS DATING : 4 = your result


Sometimes I am impressed of how smart I am making all this up and even trying to be mathematical about it. Well, math is one of my favourite subjects, so believe me, I can do better math than that haha.

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