nedelja, 05. junij 2016


The fact that I can break promises now, makes me hate myself.
People make promises and they just think that they are gonna keep them forever, but when something doesn't go according to plan, those promises just loose meaning. Why? I don't get it. Its a promise. And promises mean more to me than anything in this world. Trust and promises. Considering that they mean so much to me, I broke a few lately. I just can't keep them anymore.

I am really happy right now, but it is holding me back. It makes me feel bad. The fact that few words, that are sealed with *cross your heart*, can have such an impact on me is just crazy. But I can't help it. You can't just take them back, even if you want to. So, from now on. I am not gonna make any promises anymore. 

Don't break a promise and expect me to keep it. Anyway, fuck promises and fuck people who made me promise them. I am not gonna feel bad about it anymore.

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