nedelja, 12. junij 2016


A stereotype is used to catergorize a group of people. People don't understand that type of person, so they put them into classifications, thinking that everyone who is that needs to be like that, or anyone who acts like their classifications is one. -Urban Dictionary

List of things that are not true for majority of girls (I can speak about me and girls I know):

  • Women are quieter than men and not meant to speak out. This blog is a good proof that we speak out and that we talk a lot!
  • Women do not play video games. Yeah right haha.
  • Women don’t need to go to college. Nobody is obligated, but we aren't really in a position to turn education down, are we? No offence.
  • Women don’t play sports. I am pretty sure we do. 
  • Women are supposed to be submissive and do as they are told. 'Supposed' is a key word here.
  • Women do not have technical skills and are not good at "hands on" projects such as car repairs. HAHAHAHA
  • Women are supposed to look pretty and be looked at. Umm, right, thats why I am still in my PJ and look like shit.
  • Women love to sing and dance. Don't we all? Like thats not really a stereotype.
  • Women are bad drivers. No, most of us aren't. There are shitty man drivers out there as well.
  • Women love to spend other people's money. Not more than we love to spend our own money. Besides, we don't like to get expensive gifts from others, at least I don't. I am more of a 'get me something special and unique' type of a girl. Haha.
  • Women cry at the drop of a hat, often over nothing. Well, I have nothing on this. It is true.
  • Women are jealous. Umm, yeah, because you give us a reason. And after we think about if its really worth it, we usually get a realisation that it is not worth it if somebody gets us jelly.
  • Women are fragile, ready to break down at the slightest hint of trouble. Yes true, that's why we get shit done and thats why we fix every problem before you.

  • Oh god, I think that by trying to prove that these stereotypes aren't really true, I opened up a  whole new spectre of Man stereotypes. Not intentional. Sorry guys. We do love you, truly. You are the best. Hi5!

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