nedelja, 19. junij 2016


Leaked song of Twenty One Pilots from 3 days ago became my favourite song for ever. The fact that is also Suicide Squad soundtrack, makes me extremely happy. Those are two of the best things in the world. Song is amazing.

Here, for your viewing pleasure. But I must remind you that this is my favourite song, you can't make it your favourite, because its mine! You can just like it :)

Anyway, my dad fixed my motorbike and here is my official announcement. Motorbike season is opened. Look at me with my silly little helmet. It is too cute to be true.

Today I have no important news or any important matter to discuss, but it was a beautiful day and an amazing weekend, so I had an urge to at least post a photo or a video.

Haha, gotta post selfies. Btw, my sister is the background looking like a fucking creep. Love it. Kay, Bye. 

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