četrtek, 16. junij 2016


The first shock in this picture is my hair, I know. They are gone, they are gone for a simple reason. For myself. I needed my front from-frou again and I needed it short. Because I was keeping my hair long for someone else, and I need to do simple things like that for myself from now on!

Yesterday we went to my lil peach's prom and I just wanted to say that she was beautiful. She was the prettiest one there, I am not even kidding you. Can't really post pictures from yesterday, because I haven't edited them yet. But they are beautiful. I will just post a failed picture, because it is funny and I loved how we just spend a whole minute deciding where we will stand, so here it is:

It is not in focus, and its not the prettiest thing, but it is us. It is me trying to make myself smaller to not cover up my mom, its Mila trying to squeeze near me and Ana trying not to die in high heals, its mom laughing at us and Miloš trying to fix the whole thing. Oh, btw, me and Mila dressed together, so we would match and we did, but you can't really see it, because of my sweater.

In moments like this I just stop for a second and realise what a great team we all are. No matter what grades Ana brings at home, no matter how moody Mila is and especially no matter what stupid thing I did this time, we are a great team. And I just wanted to say that if any of you have a bad day, or just feels down.. IF YOU CAN'T LAUGH AT YOURSELF, CALL ME... I WILL LAUGH AT YOU☻! 

Also, my grandparents and my dad came. That was super sweet. I think we were probably the only family with grandparents, and that was really cool in my opinion. I know it meant a lot to Ana, and it definitely meant a lot to me.

It warms my heart that we get along.

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