nedelja, 26. junij 2016


People know me as the girl who loves glow in the dark things and glitter and beautiful stuff. But I don't like glitter anymore. Actually its the other way around, I hate it. The fact that I prepared the whole speech about how glitter is shit is just the biggest proof of me really hating it. And I think you should hate it too! Here is why:

First of all, when you get glitter somewhere, you can't get it off. Glitterally forever. HAHA, get it? On your dying bed you still have the same exact glitter on you from 30 years back. I hate it. I take baths and showers daily, don't get me wrong, it doesn't help. It sticks to you more than mosquitos. 

Second. Glitter feels weird. Just recently I got attacked with glitter bomb, and I scratched myself so bad I have a rash. Why the hell does glitter feels so bad. Btw, I don't have glitter allergies. Oh no, wait, I do, please believe me that I do and keep it as far away as its humanly possible.

Third. People always try to touch you when they see glitter on you. Lets say you have a single piece of glitter on your face, they just try to stick their hand inside you. NO! Do not touch me haha.

The next thing is. Lets compare glitter to normal colours. The first example I could remember is make up. Glittery make up is not as pretty as the normal one. Personally I am a brown-kind-of-eye-shadow make up lover. And I almost never wear glitter on my eyes. I have seen that people can pull it off great, but I just think that it looks so fake. But again, thats just me. I never buy glittery shades. Ever.

The biggest glitter turn off for me is actually a story. When I was in my primary school I bought body glitter in white shade and I was playing pranks with my sister, so I blew the whole bottle into her, because I didn't think that the whole shit will come out and the whole room was in glitter for years. No matter how much mom made me clean it, there was always glitter in that room. But the fact that you can't regulate the amount of glitter you want to put somewhere is just annoying. Maybe I want to put just a little bit on, but thats just not possible. Glitter just spreads on you.

To summarise, do not put glitter on me. Don't do glitter pranks on me. Just keep it away from me. Because I hate glitter. Screw glitter.

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