četrtek, 14. julij 2016


I was always wondering how some guys do it. It is insane. There are seriously the most genuine guys out there, that don't deserve to be thrown in the same bin, but hear me out. Some guys have a super power - they will talk to you for hours or days and when they will get what they want, they will disappear. I always wanted to have an ability to be invisible, but I don't know, maybe I am not a jerk.

Maybe you could be a decent human being and not mess around with someone just to get the benefits. Like, just be honest and don't pretend that you care about what I do and eat and how I like my tea. Don't bother to get to know me, if you're not really interested in me.

Some girls get that, some girls want the same, like they don't mind to just get the benefits, but not all girls want that. I don't want that for example. It is not funny or fun if you're messing with someone just to leave them, its not fun at all for some of us. If we can respect you that much that we take all the time in the world for you, you should at least be that respectful to not treat us fake. I get it, you don't want a relationship, but don't play me.

And people still ask me why I don't trust guys, well, lets see, I only met the kind of people who would play me to get me and people who lied to me... to get me. Yeah, I don't have trust issues at all. No problem here. Maybe someday there will come a guy, who will give me a good example of how man kind is actually not that bad and I can't wait for that day.

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