četrtek, 07. julij 2016


Tom Odell

Thomas Peter Odell is one of the most talented musicians I am listening to, right now. The fact that I find his music so good is his lyrics. Of course he is that great that his music has it all, good sound and good lyrics, but I am particularly into his amazing and deep lyrics. I am sure that anyone who is going through something can relate to at least 5 of his songs. The only problem with Tom's music is that no matter how many times I listen to it, I can't decide which song is my favourite, haha. They are all so great.

He wears himself good, if that is a thing. I like the fact that he is not your-usually-kind-of-a-good-guy. He looks badass and he looks cool doing that. Never, in million years I was ever interested in the sweetest guys (which is not a good thing, don't get me wrong) and he looks like a guy who will still treat you right, but he is going to do bad things (bad as awesome-fun-bad) and you can see that in his music.

Another great thing is that he can do very sad songs, but at the same time he can do the most perfect happy songs on the planet. I even featured his song in one of my videos. Not many people can do that. I will try not to criticise Adele here, but I always get a feeling that she is only made to do sad songs and not happy ones. But this kid, he can do it all.

His videos can vary from a really great simple ones of him singing and playing the piano in the studio to really good and complex videos that always leaves us with a guessing feeling. And I find that really great.

You should definitely listen to his music. I asked my mom is she likes it and she said yes and she is a professional singer, so if you don't trust me, I got some great references here for you.

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