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Recommendation: AQUA COOLKEEPER

Thanks to Buba, our local vet and pet store for being super nice. Plus they gave us treats. :)

Every dog owner, including myself, is struggling to protect our dog(s) from heat throughout Summer and I found a perfect solution that is totally affordable and it looks great and it does the job perfectly.

I will be off almost all August with my buddy Thor for Summer vacations and filming a video. And because there are sometimes even 40 degrees Celsius, I decided that it is time to buy a good product for my dog. And I searched for brands like Ruffwear and Hurtta as I always do, but Ruffwear was a bit pricey for me, as I spend a lot of money for my dog in the last two months and honestly, I am a bit broke haha. Lets be real, I am in love with all Ruffwear products, they are amazing and you should definitely check them out. So, the next thing for me was trying to find something a bit cheaper and I wasn't pleased with Hurtta products, so I searched the whole web and found out that in our local store they actually sell Aqua Coolkeeper products and I searched for reviews and I went to the store and try it out to see if the reviews were actually legit and I can tell you for sure, that this is an amazing product. It is cheap; it costed me around 40 € for my dog, who is size XL, but if you have a smaller dog it is a lot cheaper. To compare it with Hurtta, it is around the same price, in my opinion you just get less with Hurtta for it, because Hurtta covers up smaller area than Aqua Coolkeeper and actually it lasts cold a lot less time than this vest.

The best thing about this product is that it does actually stay cold for at least 5 days. The fact that you just dump the whole thing into the water for 1 minute (mine says 30 seconds, but I left it inside a bit longer) and then just let it dry over night or just put it on your dog wet, when its super hot outside and you are covered for at least 5 days. The whole vest spreads for around half of a cm and there are this liquid bags inside every part of the fabric that actually keep your dog cold all over, not just some parts. 

You can choose between blue vest (I got the blue one) and flower-pattern-pink vest, which I think was meant for female dogs haha. They don't just sell vests, but also harnesses and pillows to keep your dog cool for the Summer. If you are looking for a great product, I vouch for them. Plus, the store Buba, as I already mentioned them in the beginning of this post are the best team and they are genuinely nice and will do anything to find a perfect solution for you. Thor tried it on there before I even decided to buy it, so yeah, thats a big plus. 

They even posted pictured of Thor on their Facebook wall, if you want to check it out:

I give the product and the store 5/5 stars.

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