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First of all, let's clear this thing - I like the taste of meat. I ate meat all my life and all of a sudden I was diagnosed with Rheumatism and they told me that it was totally optional, but that they would highly recommend me to try and reduce animal products, especially meat. Because I wanted to at least try and see if the pain will stop, or if it will be less painful, I went on a meat free diet. I really like the taste of milk and eggs and I decided, for now, that I will still eat that.

1st week.
Everybody says that the first week is always the hardest and I can for sure confirm that. I craved meat, especially when my dad made hot dogs and all I ate was a salad and bread. That was probably the breaking point for me. I am the girl that always do the opposite of what I am told. No idea how I managed at first, because I really ate a lot of meat before I decided to completely stop. With me, it wasn't slowly reducing and slowly eating less and less until I completely stopped. It was a moment. I stopped. But somehow I managed to stay meat-free all week.

2nd week.
It was getting easier and easier everyday. My family was getting used to me eating different things and they somehow managed to buy me a lot of vegetables and fruits and a lot of cheese. I have no idea, but I eat cheese like crazy. The biggest difference with this ''diet'' was that I stopped eating like a crazy person. I eat less now, before I weighted around 60kg and I lost 2kg by the end of second week. Salad was always my favourite food, so now I am a salad master. My salad is always so royal, haha. 

3rd week.
My stomach was always flat. But at the end of 3rd week I had stomach goals haha. I don't really like the athletic figure that much, not even on guys, 6packs are not what I like. But seriously, I am not a ''professional'' vegetarian, I am not Freelee The Banana Girl, but I can tell you that I started eating healthier and it shows after 3 weeks. I eat a plate of salad for sure for lunch and I eat vegetables all the time instead of meat and I eat nuts. I stopped drinking coffee everyday, even if that is impossible to believe. Now I only drink coffee if we go out with friends or family, almost never at home. Before I was addicted to it. I don't eat ice cream that much as well, unless it is made out of water, because that is delicious. I feel so much better as well, I don't feel pain so much and my hand is getting so much better.

4th week.
Accidentally I ate meat. Well, it wasn't that accidental. I ate a whole box of chicken nuggets, because I really wanted to and I felt like I am not gonna be able to contain myself from meat because I cheated, but surprisingly I did and now I am back on track. I am not gonna cheat any time soon, because I feel great without meat, but I don't think that it is so wrong if you have some. The most annoying thing that people tell me with this meat free diet is that I won't be healthy because meat is good for me. Yeah well, I don't remember the last time I felt so good in my own skin, I currently weight 55kg and I am feeling super great. My rheumatism is getting so much better and even my skin is clearing up. If meat was so great for me, why do I feel so much better now and why do I feel worse when I eat meat? I mean, I am not ever gonna tell you that you should stop eating meat, because do whatever you want, I just wanted to state that I am super happy about it, and that it probably changed my life for the better. 

5th week.
It has been 5 weeks since the first day I stopped eating meat and I feel great.

I will keep you updated in about a month haha, so I will be able to tell you how does it feel after 2-3 months, but yeah. I am super happy with that decision.

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