torek, 26. julij 2016


The fact that I talked about Inception so many times makes it a good movie. Lets talk about it one more time, okay!

Today I am not going to focus on the best complex storyline on the planet, but I am going to talk about something that I have not read anywhere else. 

What makes Inception so good is the fact that Dom and Mal are not goals when it comes to a relationship. They don't have that quirky romantic love story, but you still love to see them. Mal basically ruins Dom's life and you still can't hate her. She commits suicide and you still can't hate her. She plays this love/hate character and you can't help that you hate that you love her and love that you hate her. How is that even possible that a character is so well written that even if its supposed to be more negative than positive, you still take her as 100% positive? Personally, she is really an interesting person and I would really want to get to know more about her, yet I think that if I got to meet her in person, I'd fear for my life. Maybe the fact that we know that she is not really responsible for her ''insanity'' makes us care about her and the fact that Cobb loves her so much helps too. Don't get me wrong, I would never, in million years, want to have their relationship, but the way Dom loves her, damn, I want that.

Inception is probably number one movie that makes me want to become an actress. Whenever I feel like I can't do it, I just watch Inception and remember what a big mark can a single movie leave out there. How much can a movie really affect someone and how much I really want to be part of a project like that. With the most beautiful and complex story and great music and great casting and amazing crew. Truly an inspiration. 

It is not a sad story, but its not a happy one either. It doesn't leave you with that great feeling that everything is going to be okay, some people might even say that it makes you feel kinda sad, but I don't think so. It made me feel empty. Empty is not an easy emotion to explain, but I guess it could remind you of feeling a bit hopeless, like you can't feel anything. Not many movies out there could make you feel that in the end. And I love it when movies can make you feel like that. 

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