sreda, 10. avgust 2016


This Sunday, I am going to Montenegro to shoot some pretty exciting stuff for you. That would normally mean to leave all the unnecessary technology at home, but I am going for half of a month and it would really suck to not blog, because I would die without writing unimportant stuff down here. Basically, Bobbi2 is coming with me. We will be able to take some pretty pictures and do blogs or just random stuff together now. I was pretty excited about that, so I just wanted to share the good news with you. But, just to warn you now, when I am on vacation, I normally post less and I don't have phone in my hands all the time, so maybe it will take more time for me to write something or just get myself to do it. I always say that when you visit new places, camera is more than enough for tech stuff, because otherwise you miss out on some really amazing stuff. And this year I will make an exception, because it will be the most productive 2,5 weeks of my whole Summer. Expect Thor Summer vid. How exciting is that.

I had to post a sunny picture, because having me in the top of the post dressed all oversized and ''rainy'' is not so positive, anyways, me and a big white coffee. Now I command you to have a better day. Screw the rain and morbid mood, let's make rain a good thing. At least I can enjoy my oversized clothes. Yay! It stays a mystery why I always dress like a guy. My mom hates it. Its not feminine. haha. Sure.

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