ponedeljek, 08. avgust 2016


If you like a girl, just text her or talk to her. Man up!

I don't get guys anymore, at all. If you like a girl and you want to have any kind of a relationship with her (romantic or just friends), why don't you just talk to her? Just text her or something. The part that I don't get is why do you just like every single picture of hers or give her that flirty stare at the mall or by the pool? What do you expect... her to come talk to you? Us girls, we like to think that guys will have the guts to come and talk to us, not the other way around. We saw one too many Disney movie, to not wish to have it the same. I am not a very girly girl, honestly, my interest are cars and I dress like I am a dude, but even a tomboy of a girl wants a boy to do something about it, if he likes her. Most girls are total sweethearts and will be super nice if you text them, especially talk to them. Girls are flatered either way if they feel a connection or not. Where are the days when you would just ask a girl for her phone number or ask her out? Honestly, man up! What if a girl likes you too and you blew it because you didn't do anything about it. Crazy to think about.

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