nedelja, 14. avgust 2016


So, it is finally happening. I am packing for Montenegro. Well, I started packing. Right now I am blogging, but you know. In 7 hours I will be on my way there. I requested to make a stop in Dubrovnik, so we can actually see where Game of Thrones is filming. Haha, did I tell you that I auditioned for Game of Thrones? No? Well, now you know. Imagine me playing in GoT haha that would be something else.

I had quite a struggle with finding a babysitting for Daisy and Cami. I didn't want to just give them to someone who doesn't know anything about tortoises, but I had no choice in the end. My grandparents will get them for two weeks. I actually wrote a whole page on how to take care of tortoises, so yeah, I am crazy :) but you must know that my animals mean everything to me. I would be lost without them. We actually had to pay more than 200 € for my dog to come to Montenegro with me, so yeah complications.

I really wanted to put a playlist on my blog (of songs that I am currently listening to) but I didn't have the time, so you will have to wait for at least 2 weeks for me to make that happen. I'd give you my playlist, but I actually use a fake account for music and that would be weird. I actually have a secret. Well, now it won't be a secret anymore but 9 months ago I made a playlist of all my favourite songs and videos on Youtube and named it 'S W I', which stands for Someone Worth It. And it is private and I have never sent it to anybody, because I am waiting for somebody who I will fall for and I will just give him this little piece of me. Because music is how I explain myself and with giving access to somebody of that playlist, he would somehow get to know me more, but honestly, its a bit childish, I just did it because I was broken inside and I wanted to have something again that will make me believe that in the end everything will be alright. What a big secret, I know. Hahahaha okay no.

Anyway, see you tomorrow, now I gotta go pack things up and go to my grandparents to give them my two tortillas :) haha tortillas. Why do I always laugh at my own jokes, its annoying. Well, anyway see you in Montenegro! Bye.

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