torek, 09. avgust 2016


- Harley Quinn and Joker

- My pup Thor (always)

- Ford Mustang GT500 or GT300 (Eleanor) Shelby

- Twenty One Pilots

- Panic! at The Disco

- Book called A Long Way Down

- Movies: Inception, Need For Speed, A Long Way Down and Suicide Squad

- Kai Parker (because he is spooky haha - it is more like a fear)

- Good quotes like: Loving every minute because you make me feel so alive.

- The fact that I will live in Mengeš again in less than two months

- Joey Kidney, because he is an amazing human being!

- Skins. Again. Don't freak out okay! I got this, I am fine.

- Margot Robbie

- The Fosters, kinda. In a way.

- This one funny dude.

- Amazing speeches that are in Greys Anatomy (I don't watch that, but I read speeches)

- The fact that I am going to college.

- Recreating movies. Acting them out.

- When Ian told Micky that there is nothing to fix, that he doesn't need to be fixed. It was cool.

- Jake Miller's new songs. Word!

- Photoshoots. In fact, I actually have a few pictures, I wanted to show you.

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