ponedeljek, 15. avgust 2016

Montenegro: DAY 1

Because of technical difficulties I am sad to inform you that today I don't have pictures for you, but I can't put pictures from Eleanor (camera) to computer. Such a struggle, trust me, I am pissed off too.

But today was a great day. So many bad things happened, but somehow I am really happy. I saw Nala today after so many months and I dealt with it like an adult, so yeah, thats not my normal self. I kinda want to be home right now, but it is not the worst thing for me to be here. The decision was made - I am going to go out at least 3 times as long as I am here. Well, it wasn't really a decision, but Cap Ou Pas Cap, so there is no going back.

I have a new Jake Miller song for you. Here you go: OVERNIGHT

My day was kinda not that interesting because it involved a lot of packing and I bet you don't wanna know what I packed, so I am just gonna tell you that I am going on a road trip tomorrow and that I am actually taking Bobs with me, so I will be able to post pictures of makeupless Princess Lenny and adventures with her dog :)

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