sreda, 17. avgust 2016

Montenegro: DAY 3

Today was a super nice day, everything was perfect - the weather, people and vibe. Can't really complain.

In the morning we went to grab something to eat, and I ate a hot dog (yes, I broke my meat-free-because-of-rheuma-diet, sue me) because nothing really looked that good, only hot dog. We were talking and walking the whole way to the boat. So many people went on a boat, I was impressed. It was one of those whole day trips, where people plan your whole day. I was productive, I think. I filmed my legs, because you all know that it is what I like to do and I filmed jelly fish. That same jelly bitch fish burned Miloš later on, but I will get to that. We went to this cute mini island and we had many opportunities to make an actual great picture of seaside, but because I am me, I spend all of the time being impressed with boats and jelly bitches and all the beautiful places.

So, finally we arrived to Plava Špilja, which is a funny name, now that I think about it. Fun fact: I can't speak serbian or croatian or montenegrian (haha) because I am stupid, so tati just told me that Plava Špilja means Blue Cave. I know what word plava stands for, just not Špilja. Gosh, stop being so judgemental. I know how to speak 3 languages, I think that's enough for now. But having a superpower to speak all the languages in the world sounds awesome. Okay to go back to the point, this place is called blue cave, because when you swim in it, you look all blue. There is science behind it, that I still haven't figure out, but it looks beautiful. Later on we went to this famous beach and it was lovely. Food was awful tho, sorry. But I judge a place by its food haha I have my priorities straight. I actually ordered calamari, for the first time in my life, but I didn't like it. My mom said that they taste better than that, so I trust her and I am still open to try it out some other time, some other place. I stopped eating, btw. I know I said I ate hot dog and all those stuff but I couldn't eat it whole. I stop eating when I am nervous, and now I can officially say that I am nervous, and I just need to relax and everything will be super awesome.

My plan for tomorrow is to go to the highest mountain around here, to see some archaeology discoveries and make some awesome pictures of it. Plus, I need a good walk because my relationship with rheumatism is getting out of control. What do people say? You can only kill fire with fire.

Anyway, its midnight and I got home late, so expect pictures tomorrow :) Evs out.

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