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Why do you dress like a guy?
I like how I dress, I like wearing skinny jeans and baggy shirts and baggy jumpers and baggy stuff in general. And I like hats or caps and I really like to wear dark blue stuff, I don't think that it makes me look like a dude at all, because I have long hair and besides, shut up all of you. I sometimes wear dresses too and sometimes I like to put on lipstick haha, sometimes. Before last year December, I really didn't dress so 'manly', because I had a duty and that duty is to give booty hahahahaha kidding! I just really had an urge to write that. Anyway, the point is that I changed the way I dress, not because  I just said to myself it is the time to change, I just did it because, I like it that way right now. I was always a princess and look where that brought me. Sorry for that, I just sometimes get a bit nervous when people ask me questions like this, because they just assume stuff out. Damn, I am gonna find some pictures of me where I look girly. Suck it all of you :D

This counts, even if its prom!

No, I really promise you that I have like two more pictures in a dress, I just can't post them, because  it would be awkward. 

Disclaimer: Spoilers from Suicide Squad
The thing I don't get is how can you hate on that badass scene with JOKER & HARLEY where she jumped into acid for him. I am aware that it was mental and that it gives chills, but I read so many things online and saw on youtube how people are disappointed because Harley didn't repeat the oath after him, she just said please. Okay, hold on, is she would have repeated after him, how much lamer would the scene actually be. It was perfect the way it was, when he started talking 'pretty, pretty, pretty,...' and she said please. It was perfect. Don't tell me otherwise. It was just perfect. And the next thing was people saying that he disappointed. The only thing I was not really happy about was Joker's feelings for Harley. That doesn't really happen, because he is just using her and in the movie they showed a bit like he loves her, and maybe that disturbed me a little, but his performance was amazing. I don't even have to mention Margot Robbie's Harley, because it was perfect.


I love how can some people just make you think about things, you would normally never think about. Yesterday I was thinking about my future, but not as my plans, because I have that sorted out, again, but about future goals. About what really matters in the end. About being happy with your choices and because of that, happy and excited about life. If you are not happy somewhere, just leave. It is that simple (maybe that hard) but what matters is that if you aren't happy where you are, no person will be able to make you happy. And if you are not happy with a person, no place and no money and materialistic thing will make you happy to be with him. Do what I did. Get a pup and you will be always happy because he will make you happy and wherever you will go, he can just come with you. My life goals basically. But if I have to put pictures of my future in my head to words, I would say that I want a husband (NOT NOW of course) who will also be my best friend and my soul mate and I will love him with my whole heart, and I want a small house or a not too large apt, with a big garden - I am happy to have a really mini house as long as there is a big garden outside - and in my head I made it as an actress and I have two dogs and garden of tortoises and just lovely neighbours and live a happy life. Plus, I want my room to be painted with a glow in the dark colour. Yes, I have to be creepy in the end. Thats me.

+ Shoutout to Cone, who told me a story about two people, who were saving money to retire sooner and are now enjoying their life, not working, just having a great life. That sounds awesome.

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